Caring for Antique Oriental Rugs

Always use a good pad, and pick the type of pad based on how and where the rug is used. Contact us for recommendations on pads. It is best to keep your rugs and carpets away from intense heat, such as too close to a fireplace or radiator, and away from intense direct sunlight.


Do not let them stay damp, especially in places like under a plant, because this can lead to rotting of the foundation. Put those little cups under the legs of heavy furniture. Vacuum frequently to remove dust. But do not use a vacuum that has a powerful beater bar -- suction on the surface is usually sufficient if the rug has been professionally cleaned.


Also, make sure the ends and sides are secure, so that the vacuum does not pull the rug apart. Actually, a hand broom works fine. To even the wear, rotate your rugs every six months, just like you rotate your car tires.


If your rug becomes dirty or begins to fray at the edges, do not wait to act! Especially with antique rugs, fraying gets worse quickly as the fibers are older. While the care mentioned above is important, it is necessary to consult a professional for oriental rug cleaning or antique rug repair. We offer a full range of repair and cleaning services, and would love to help keep your rug beautiful. Visit our Repair and Cleaning pages for more information. 


Always Contact us for more information!