Antique Yomut or Yomud, Turkoman Rug

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6'5" x 10'6" - 196cm x 320cm
Late 19th century
Wool pile, wool warp & weft
Yomut or Yomud is a Turkmen tribe that lives from Gorgan to Turkmenbashi and eastern Caspian shores and Khiva and Dashoguz. The colors, primarily burnt sienna with ivory borders, are used to create diagonal or vertical arrangements. These antique tribal Oriental rugs are more colorful than other Turkoman rugs. Repetitive floral motifs, tree motifs and the less frequent bird motifs adorn the centerfield. Yomut rugs are among the most popular varieties of Turkoman carpets available. Antique rug collectors value these rugs because they are one of the most well-known types, named after one of the main Turkoman groups. Like many beautiful tribal Turkoman rugs, classical motifs are applied throughout, often resulting in a beautifully geometric arrangement that is meant to captivate the viewer’s attention and create veritable network of lines for them to follow. Rich earthy tones typically dominate the landscapes of these tribal rugs. The darker tones are often offset by ivory and beige motifs in order to create a gentle, neutral type of contrast that still ties in with the thematic presence within the antique rugs. Sometimes cooler tones are chosen as well, especially if there is already a warmer presence within the rug that is meant to stand out amidst the other elements. Because of the complex nature of the patterning, it is very rare to see Yomut rugs with fewer than three colors used, especially in tribal Yomut Rugs that feature more geometric shapes.