A Bijar Carpet

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6'11" x 9'3" - 211cm x 282cm
C 1890
Wool pile, wool warp & weft
Very Good-minor restorations
Upon request
A tree of life Bijar carpet is describe a tall tree which is believed to have grown out of the center of the world, living for centuries, knowing the secrets of the world, and being close to the universal powers. It is a tree, which is regarded as the stairs of human journey from the underground to the sky, its knots grasping the world and its branches hosting the birds of Paradise. Denoting life. This tree to envoy endless happiness. Bidjar is a town in Persian Kurdistan and the production of rugs made mostly in weavers home and not in the work shop. these rugs are very heavy in relation to their size, and very thick and durable. the knots are symmetrical. Most Bijar Kurdish carpets are woven by Gerrus Kurds while a finer copy of Bijar carpets are woven by Afshar weavers who live in the Tekab and Tekkenteppe Area in Gerus. The Bidjar carpets can be put into the following three main categories:Traditional Bidjars, f.i. Bidjars with rose motifs, Halvai and Tahjavi-Bidjars and Afshar Bidjars.