A Sarouk Feraghan Carpet

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11'11" x 16'9" - 363cm x 511cm
C 1900
Wool pile, cotton warp & weft
Upon request
The rug has a harmonious design. Each symbol is very distinctive and refers to a specific aspect of life. The lay out provide a felling of inclusion. Regardless of where the viewer start he can easily migrate to the next symbol or just remain with last one. the design is uncommon for Feraghan sarouk and showing tree of life, riches and peace. Sarouk carpets get their name from an obscure village in Persia, located twenty miles north of Arak (formerly Sultanabad). Over a short span of history, this village produced some of the most highly regarded antique Persian rugs from the late 19th to early 20th century. These rugs are easily recognizable despite their lack of consistent design elements.Generally the wefts were blue and floral motif in the field showed multiply shades of orange, green and brown. The short velvet like pile of this unique antique rug style is of excellent quality and wears well.