A Serapi Carpet

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10'10" x 13'7" - 330cm x 414cm
Mid 19th century
Wool pile, cotton warp & weft
Very good - minor areas of restoration and rewoven ends
This is a very fine and rear mid nineteen century Persian serapi carpet, it's all fine vegetable dyed wool and the carpet is in excellent shap. Very unusual geometric design made in northwest Persia. The carpet portrait a central medallionand one fourth of the same medallion is in each corner of the rug. Bakshaish, Heriz Serapi rugs made in Persia,these rugs adapt the style and feeling of the finest smaller village or tribal rugs to the scale of room-size pieces. The drawing of these rugs and carpets is always bold, geometric, dynamic, and abstract. Serapi carpets may utilize medallion or all-over designs descended from classical antique Persian rugs. Serapi carpets are also admired for their lustrous wool and rich, transparent color, again in the tradition of the best tribal pieces. Serapi rugs were produced in North Iran, not far from the Caucasus, which helps to account for the qualities they share with the rugs of that region. The talented weavers in the village of Serapi produce an impressive array of rustic carpets that highlight the region's history and culture. Serapi rugs are the oldest produced in the influential region responsible for Heriz rugs. Although the village of Serapi Bakshaish is not far from Tabriz, their designs and styles are worlds apart.